Our Main Focus

To act as a centre of information on diabetes.

To improve diabetes care throughout the country.

To help patients lead a normal life with their illnesses.

To generate awareness about diabetes among the general public and patients of the diseases and to emphasize the importance of prevention


DSM carries out health education and screening sessions as part of their ongoing awareness programme. This program includes Blood Glucose testing, consultations by Doctors and Nurses; BMI calculations and Body fat % calculations with advice on diet and exercise and Identifying the risk population for Diabetes.

This programme is being conducted in islands/Atolls, schools, offices and resorts.


All services provided by DSM clinic are free. We Screen for:

  • Diabetic complications
  • Foot screening
  • Monitoring
  • FBS  / PPBS / Hba1c
  • Body fat% / BMI
  • Cholesterol / Measuring BP
  • Directing exercise and counseling classes
  • Consultation by doctors





Diabetes Society of Maldives (DSM) was established on 26th April 2000 (previously known as Diabetes and Cancer Society of Maldives).

DSM became a member of International Diabetes Federation in 2002, with the aim of creating awareness among the public on diabetes and to emphasize the importance of prevention of diabetes to help patients lead a normal life with their illness.

We act as a centre of information on diabetes by educating the society through screening programmes, presentation, consultation and health Education. In addition, DSM also works to improve diabetes care throughout the country.


Founders Message 

Mr Mohamed Waheed Deen, Founder of DSM

On 20th May 2013, Geneva at the 66th World Health Assembly (WHA), all member states unanimously agreed upon an agenda on dealing with diabetes and other non-community risk factors and underlying social determinants. Major emphasis is made on improving the health system, through people-centred primary health care and universal health coverage.

The local government needs to unsure advancement in essential lifesaving treatment for people living with diabetes. Diabetes society of Maldives (DSM) for the last 13 years has tirelessly strived on making diabetic care in Maldives better while studying the progress in prevention and control. We need to increase our capacity for high-quality research, in order to advance our ability to monitor the trends and determinants. As a member of IDF, we can make use of tools and solutions such as global diabetes plan, to achieve the targets on a national scale.

The agreement at WHA marks a milestone in the progress against diabetes. It also asks of all stakeholders within the country to rise up to the occasion. DSM looks forward to working in collaboration with the local government, the global network of IDF and local NGO’s, in our efforts to contribute towards a healthier Maldives